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Sometimes Getting Lost Pays Off

If you’d have asked me a week ago if I were through hunting for the season, the answer would have been yes. I’d already dropped 260” worth of bone on the ground and added a…

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Daddy’s Guide Service

It never fails. Around this time every year I become an emotionally unstable individual. It’s not for no good reason, but nevertheless, I’m somewhat of a train wreck. Most could agree that coming off of…

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Waterfowl in the Flatlands

The sound of the alarm clock startles me. My heart is racing from being abruptly awakened by the annoying ringing as I fumble around to turn it off. It’s still dark outside and will be…

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Southern Miss BSB/William Carey BSB Big Buck Contest

Coach Scott Berry
Slade Wilks109 2/8
Jackson Parker
Colby Allen113 6/8
Graham Crawford
Bryce Fowler114 3/8
Creek Robertson119 3/893 1/8
Tate Parker76 6/8111 0/8131 4/8
JB Middleton
TOTAL869 1/8

Coach Ben Smith120 0/8140 1/8111 2/8
John Snyder
Dallas Dyar
Michael Redmond
Lane Jarreau122 6/8
Brady Wilson90 6/8
Cole Mozingo103 0/8
Bailee Hendon93 7/8
Ty Little93 6/8
TOTAL875 1/8

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