Leather Gloves Popping and Turkeys Gobbling

February is a happy and busy month at the Smith household. Baseball season gets into full swing, my middle daughter has a birthday, and my wife can be at ease knowing that my deer hunting season is finally over. Even though I officially called my season quits a few weeks ago, Amy has had toContinue reading “Leather Gloves Popping and Turkeys Gobbling”

Still Chasing Trophies in My Thirties

I can still remember the first trophy that I ever got. I was five years old and just finished my first t-ball season. I don’t know if we earned the trophy or if everyone got one. I don’t even remember any of the games or the scores, but I remember that tiny trophy. One wouldContinue reading “Still Chasing Trophies in My Thirties”

Taking the Time to Be Your Own Butcher

My deer season officially ended a week ago, but in actuality, I didn’t completely close it out until today. The non-hunter will have a hard time understanding what that means, so I will explain. For most of us that hunt, it doesn’t end with the shot. The shot can actually be considered the beginning ofContinue reading “Taking the Time to Be Your Own Butcher”

Two Kids and the Debate Over Shooting a Doe

Our holiday season came and went as close to normal as possible. We didn’t get to visit with much of our family for as long as usual, but we made the best of the situation. The kids received more gifts than they’ll be able to remember, and the food was amazing, per usual. I thoughtContinue reading “Two Kids and the Debate Over Shooting a Doe”