Taking the Time to Be Your Own Butcher

My deer season officially ended a week ago, but in actuality, I didn’t completely close it out until today. The non-hunter will have a hard time understanding what that means, so I will explain. For most of us that hunt, it doesn’t end with the shot. The shot can actually be considered the beginning of... Continue Reading →

Final Hunt: The Boot

The moment that I have been dreading since October has arrived: my deer season is finished. What a season I've had, though. I cannot remember another deer season where I've had this much fun and this much success. Yes, I know there are a few weeks left of deer season, but baseball has arrived and... Continue Reading →

2020: A Year of Lessons

2020 is finally coming to a close. Many will welcome the turning of the calendar in hopes of better fortune in the year ahead. My family’s year hasn’t gone how we planned, but how many years do? While I do not make New Year’s resolutions, I do try and take the lessons learned and apply... Continue Reading →

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