Hiking Provides Beautiful Scenery and Sore Legs

Exhausted. That’s how you usually feel after returning from a vacation. At least that’s how I feel. My wife’s family does it big each year for a family reunion, and this year was in the mountains of North Georgia. We loaded the car up late last week and made the trip up, and I’m gladContinue reading “Hiking Provides Beautiful Scenery and Sore Legs”

Memories of Summer Trips to My Grandparent’s House

Rain. One word pretty much sums up this entire week. Since returning from the river last weekend that’s all that it seems to have done. Each time I’ve thought I’d have a break to head back out on the water, the radar tells me to stay put. I know what you’re thinking. It’s just aContinue reading “Memories of Summer Trips to My Grandparent’s House”