First Camping/Hunting Trip Provides Plenty of Lessons

Each time I go hunting or fishing, I’m hoping for a number of things to happen. I’m obviously hopeful that I’m successful in bringing something back home to eat. I’m hopeful that I return home without injury. Last, I’m hopeful that I learn something new from my trip. Some trips are more fruitful that othersContinue reading “First Camping/Hunting Trip Provides Plenty of Lessons”

The Easy Way Out is the Quickest Way to the End

Written by Brandon Parker If there was a magic bat that gave anyone who swung it the ability to hit a baseball over 400 feet, eventually baseball would not be worth watching…or that much fun to play. Well, that’s what is happening to hunting. The almighty dollar and social media attention are the driving forceContinue reading “The Easy Way Out is the Quickest Way to the End”

Plans May Change, Good Teammates Don’t

It never fails. Each year I have dreams of climbing up a tree for opening weekend of bow season. In my dream, there’s a gentle breeze on a cool, crisp October morning. The sun rises and burns off a light fog revealing an array of autumn colors in the trees. Squirrels chase one another andContinue reading “Plans May Change, Good Teammates Don’t”