Political Overreach is Killing Hunting

Back in October, what seems like an eternity ago, I wrote a piece about deer hunting with dogs. While I do not currently partake in the hunting of deer with dogs, I do not condemn it. I continue to agree that the use of dogs should remain a legal way to hunt deer during certainContinue reading “Political Overreach is Killing Hunting”

A Cough Provides Another Hunting Trip

Over a week ago I was convinced that my deer season had come to a close. I packed up all of my gear from the camp and brought it home. Then began the annual cleansing of hunting clothing and rifles, packing away of gear, and the general sulking of being done. My spirits were lifted,Continue reading “A Cough Provides Another Hunting Trip”

Part 2: The End of an Unforgettable Deer Season

With my truck pointed north, I’d often look up at the outdoor temperature gauge to see what it was reading. Per usual, the further north I got, the lower the temperature reading would be. However, once I was a little over half-way to my destination, it began to drop dramatically. Keep in mind, I’m wearingContinue reading “Part 2: The End of an Unforgettable Deer Season”

Part 1: The End of an Unforgettable Deer Season

Many times I have sat in a deer stand and watched the sun fade below the trees on my last hunt of the season. The shadows begin to creep across the landscape. The cold evening breeze breathes one last gasp before a dark stillness takes over. The forest becomes quiet as stars begin to blanketContinue reading “Part 1: The End of an Unforgettable Deer Season”