Summer Heat Has Me Beat

It’s hot. I could finish the column with just that statement and it would be the most accurate thing I’ve ever written. With baseball camps in full swing, I tried to imagine shivering in a deer stand on a cold December day to get through the day. It didn’t work. Sweat continued to pour out... Continue Reading →

Fishing for Father’s Day

My ears rejoiced at the sound of the water slapping the sides of my boat as it crept upstream. I open the throttle up and the sound of the engine drowns everything out. The warm air hits so hard that I have to turn my cap around to keep from losing it. The sun is... Continue Reading →

Red Snapper Season is Upon Us

The Gulf Coast Red Snapper season is officially in full swing. According to reports from local anglers, you’d be hard pressed to find a location where there are fish without wrestling with multiple other boats. As inconveniencing as that may sound, it’s a good thing. Given the fallout of the BP oil spill in 2010,... Continue Reading →

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