Jackson Is Killing the Pearl

By Ben Smith: I love fishing, boating, or swimming in the Pearl River as much as anyone. Ever since I was a young kid, I can remember going there with my uncle to run trot lines and camp out. Some of my favorite memories of camping out on sandbars are from the Pearl. Some of... Continue Reading →

The 37 Year Drought Continues

By Ben Smith: At the beginning of March, I boldly proclaimed that this would be the year. The running joke of having an outdoor columnist that can’t kill a turkey would be over. I even went as far as saying that I’d think seriously about quitting my job if that meant I’d kill a bird.... Continue Reading →

The War on “America’s Rifle”

By Ben Smith: Sometimes this column is an outdoor piece and other times it’s about baseball, but it’s always about something that folks in Mississippi and the Southeast can most likely relate to. Mississippians love the outdoors, we love baseball, and we’re really good at both so why wouldn’t we? It’s just a way of... Continue Reading →

No Birds, Just Long Bus Rides

By Ben Smith: Rolling into the end of March, I’d really hoped to have an article written about killing a turkey by now. I’ve played the scenario over in my head multiple times. I get to the woods early, get set up, and just as the sun begins to break a gobbler hammers down from... Continue Reading →

Baseball Stats That Matter Most

By Ben Smith: In baseball, we have statistics for everything. The most talked about of these is probably batting average and ERA (earned run average). But it’s much more in depth than that. We have stats for what batters are hitting in every count, what pitchers are doing ahead in the count versus behind, and... Continue Reading →

Boating Mistakes to Avoid This Spring

By Ben Smith: Spring, or first summer, has officially arrived in Mississippi. Everything that I own is yellow and my eyeballs feel like they are going to pop out of my head. Turkey season is upon us…not that I have much to offer in that department (this is going to be my year, though). Largemouth... Continue Reading →

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