I’ve Had My Fill, But My Tank is Empty

Some people look at football season as the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Some base it off of Labor Day, generally the final summer vacation weekend before filling the house with all things pumpkin spice. For me, alligator season brings summer to an end. Lasting only ten days, it’s the final opportunity... Continue Reading →

The Remedy for Back-to-School Blues

I get home from work in the evening and walk into absolute chaos. One kid is crying, one kid is running around the house in circles, one kid is attempting to avoid any, and all, human interaction, and my wife has the look of utter exhaustion. The house is littered with bookbags, shoes, clothes, and... Continue Reading →

A Mississippi Weekend Full of Fun and Adventure

Ain’t Mississippi great? This weekend the Mississippi Wildlife Federation hosted the 35th annual Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza which turned out to be fantastic. Being a first timer to this event, I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to plenty of trade shows for baseball, but never one for the outdoors. Kind of a shame... Continue Reading →

We Don’t Have Enough Time to Waste

I’m beginning to realize that I’m a slow learner. During, and right after, the Covid shutdown I made a few different comments about it being a learning experience for everyone. It should have served as a reminder for us to slow down. And for a while, it did. But just like with so many other... Continue Reading →

Let’s Hunt Fuzzy Horns in September

A little over a week from now, the Mississippi Wildlife Federation will host its 35th Annual Wildlife Extravaganza in Pearl, MS. Now, I’ve been to plenty of baseball coaches conventions and clinics over the years, but I’ll ashamedly admit that this will be my first wildlife convention. And if I’m being honest, if it weren’t... Continue Reading →

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