Our Veterans Deserve a Thank You: Fishing with Legends Help Provide That

Life has plenty of ups and downs. Last week, we experienced one of the strangest weeks of baseball that I’ve ever been a part of. On Wednesday, we took a beating in what is probably the most lopsided loss of my career as a player, or coach. On Saturday, we returned the favor in oneContinue reading “Our Veterans Deserve a Thank You: Fishing with Legends Help Provide That”

Is Turkey Hunting in Mississippi on the Decline?

Pollen covers virtually everything you can see, and a large portion of the state is gearing up for potential tornadoes. I think we can finally say that spring has arrived in Mississippi. By now, I’m hoping that most of you have bagged your first bird of the season. Judging by what I’m seeing on socialContinue reading “Is Turkey Hunting in Mississippi on the Decline?”

Hang On, We’ll Get You There

In my line of work I get the pleasure of meeting all kinds of people. Between baseball and outdoor adventures, there aren’t too many types of people that I haven’t been around. The really cool thing is when you meet folks that can relate to both. I’ve known plenty of coaches that enjoy hunting andContinue reading “Hang On, We’ll Get You There”

Talkin’ Turkeys with Preston

It’s no secret that the turkey has become my greatest nemesis (aside from myself) in the outdoors. Although, I’ve only had a few opportunities to harvest a bird, I’ve come up empty on each trip that I’ve made. I consider myself a novice when it comes to deer hunting, which means I have no ideaContinue reading “Talkin’ Turkeys with Preston”

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

The old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is making more and more sense to me with each passing year. At the time of writing this, we’ve already played 11 baseball games this season, having won eight of those. When I type that, I cannot believe that we are already that far into ourContinue reading “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun”

February is a Great Time for Small Game Hunting and Trapping

The warm breeze flowing through my truck feels incredibly nice. I welcome the sunshine beaming through my windshield that slowly tans my skin and forces me to squint in order to see the road. With my boat in tow, I sing along with Ronnie Van Zant as he proclaims, “a southern man don’t need himContinue reading “February is a Great Time for Small Game Hunting and Trapping”

Trying to Reason with Deerpression and the Joy of Baseball

Ah February, how I love and hate you. February means a few different things: winter is probably just now really arriving; baseball season is beginning; and hunting season (for me) is over. A few weeks ago I thought my hunting season was over, then an unexpected opportunity arose thanks to covid. Given the current climateContinue reading “Trying to Reason with Deerpression and the Joy of Baseball”

Political Overreach is Killing Hunting

Back in October, what seems like an eternity ago, I wrote a piece about deer hunting with dogs. While I do not currently partake in the hunting of deer with dogs, I do not condemn it. I continue to agree that the use of dogs should remain a legal way to hunt deer during certainContinue reading “Political Overreach is Killing Hunting”

A Cough Provides Another Hunting Trip

Over a week ago I was convinced that my deer season had come to a close. I packed up all of my gear from the camp and brought it home. Then began the annual cleansing of hunting clothing and rifles, packing away of gear, and the general sulking of being done. My spirits were lifted,Continue reading “A Cough Provides Another Hunting Trip”