A Mississippi Weekend Full of Fun and Adventure

Ain’t Mississippi great? This weekend the Mississippi Wildlife Federation hosted the 35th annual Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza which turned out to be fantastic. Being a first timer to this event, I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to plenty of trade shows for baseball, but never one for the outdoors. Kind of a shame... Continue Reading →

We Don’t Have Enough Time to Waste

I’m beginning to realize that I’m a slow learner. During, and right after, the Covid shutdown I made a few different comments about it being a learning experience for everyone. It should have served as a reminder for us to slow down. And for a while, it did. But just like with so many other... Continue Reading →

Let’s Hunt Fuzzy Horns in September

A little over a week from now, the Mississippi Wildlife Federation will host its 35th Annual Wildlife Extravaganza in Pearl, MS. Now, I’ve been to plenty of baseball coaches conventions and clinics over the years, but I’ll ashamedly admit that this will be my first wildlife convention. And if I’m being honest, if it weren’t... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Future

While sitting on my porch this evening, watching the kids run around with sparklers, a familiar song came on and my mind began to drift. Actually, after attending two different firework shows this weekend, the entire holiday has been a trip down memory lane. The sounds, the smells, the patriotic buzz in the air, all... Continue Reading →

Summer Heat Has Me Beat

It’s hot. I could finish the column with just that statement and it would be the most accurate thing I’ve ever written. With baseball camps in full swing, I tried to imagine shivering in a deer stand on a cold December day to get through the day. It didn’t work. Sweat continued to pour out... Continue Reading →

Fishing for Father’s Day

My ears rejoiced at the sound of the water slapping the sides of my boat as it crept upstream. I open the throttle up and the sound of the engine drowns everything out. The warm air hits so hard that I have to turn my cap around to keep from losing it. The sun is... Continue Reading →

Red Snapper Season is Upon Us

The Gulf Coast Red Snapper season is officially in full swing. According to reports from local anglers, you’d be hard pressed to find a location where there are fish without wrestling with multiple other boats. As inconveniencing as that may sound, it’s a good thing. Given the fallout of the BP oil spill in 2010,... Continue Reading →

Teach Your Children Well

Like millions of other Americans, it’s hard to get the horror that occurred in Texas out of my mind. I cannot comprehend the hurt that the parents are feeling. Losing a child has to rank at the top of the most difficult things one could face in a lifetime. My heart goes out to the... Continue Reading →

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